Agenda Parish Council Meeting 06/03/2017


An Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Jubilee Hall on Monday
6 March 2017 at 7.00 pm.

1.  Apologies: Councillor A Dick
2.  Declaration of Interests
3.  Minutes of the last ordinary Parish Council meeting
4.  Matters arising not covered in the agenda
5.  District Councillor’s report
6.  Police matters
–        AD to report
7.  Footpaths and Byways
–        maintenance review
8.  Roads
–        maintenance review
9.  Planning applications update
–        16/3085 and 3200/LBC2 Variation of conditions re application at St Clements
.         Cottage
–        16/03600 Replace outbuildings with extension to garage and annexe at Noakes Hill
.         Cottage
10.  Flowers Piece and The Green
–         damage to The Green
–         maintenance review
11.  WBC proposal for contribution to library service
–          update
12.  Defibrillators
–          update
13.  Community Infrastructure Levy utilisation
–          update
14.  Finance
–          financial report and payment authorisations
–          donation requests
–          internal audit
15.  Any other business (only for discussion)
16.  Date of Annual and next Ordinary Meetings
17.  Parish Council meeting closes
18.  Parishioners’ question time

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