ART AGM _ Chairman’s Report 2015

Ashampstead Recreational Trust

Chairman’s Report

The Charity

The Ashampstead Recreational Trust was established by order of the Charity Commissioners on the 26th April 1991, to merge three existing charities.


The objects of the Charity are the provision and maintenance of property, a village hall and a recreation ground, for the benefit of the parishioners and immediate neighbours.

The Year’s Activities

Several financially successful events have been run by villagers in aid of the hall including, but not limited to: a food fair, winter party, village quiz, plant sale, coffee morning and open garden. The Trustees are most grateful to the residents who have made these activities such a success.

The monthly pub evenings continue to contribute about 25% of the running costs. We are hoping to have a replacement licensee, as Steve Wheatley is giving up this activity in 2016. The strategy of having a theme for the pub evenings is proving popular, with more people spending time at the pub night as a result.

The use of the hall by the community is steadily increasing, with private bookings and clubs/societies hiring it. To support these events, ART has successfully applied for grants to provide commercial catering equipment, including a gas barbecue, portable bar and drinks fridge. ART also purchased a noticeboard to help promote events and will be buying a wall-mounted name board for the hall. Monies were gratefully received from the WBC Village Plan Fund and also from the Englefield Estate.

The renovations to the hall, started last year, were completed as planned. Payments towards this renovation contributed to the year’s deficit of £1,428 as grants received for the renovation were included in the accounts of the year ended 31st March 2014, whilst payments have been made in the year to 31st March 2015.

The state of the pavilion is the key issue now facing the Trust. Safety fencing has been erected around the building while the Trust determines how to replace the pavilion.

Investment Policy

The Trustees have invested the permanent endowment into equity investments with a view to providing a regular income, whilst delivering a long-term hedge against inflation.

The surplus cash is held in the current account and replaced previous contingency funds that contributed to the hall renovation activities in the prior year. The goal is to build a fund equivalent to one year’s running costs – approximately £4,500 – as a contingency going forward.


Two new Trustees started in 2014 – James Bartlett, taking over as Treasurer and John George, who returned to ART as Promotions Trustee. We have since seen an increase in promotional activities. I would like to thank the whole team for their efforts over the last twelve months and look forward to even more success in the next twelve!

Les Billing, ART Chairman – 578567

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