AGENDA – Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council 2/11/2015


An ordinary meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Jubilee Hall on Monday 2 November 2015 at 7.00 pm.


  • Apologies
  • Declaration of Interests
  • Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting 
  • Matters arising, not covered by the agenda 
  • District Councillor’s report
  • Planning Applications Update/Decisions:

15/0064 Variation of conditions on application 14/01240 at Linden House

5/01353 Fly fishing facility and underground rifle range at The Shooting School Tomb Farm

15/01857 Relocation of entrance, gate and twin track entrance at Burnt Hill House

15/02207 Replace fowl processing building with larger facility and car parking at Casey Fields Farm

15/02342 Partial demolition and erection of side and rear extension at Straight Ash

  • Police Matters:

AD to report

  • Bus Shelter:


  • Footpaths and byways:

Maintenance review

  • Roads:

WBC snow clearance plans

Maintenance review

  • Transport Survey:

Review comments and complete

  • Village agent:

Consider benefits

  • Recreation ground maintenance:

Trees on Flowers Piece


  • Parish Plan:

Future refresh

  • Finance:    

Financial report and payments authorisation


  • Precept for 2016/17:

Draft budget for discussion

  • Any Other Business:

Only for discussion, not legally for any voted decision

  • Parish Council Meeting closes
  • Parishioners Question Time
  • Meeting Close next Meeting date

Please note that the meeting will be adjourned circa 8.15 pm for a wider discussion with ART trustees and other interested parties regarding the following matters:

Refreshing the Parish Plan:

Appointment of Steering Group

Review of existing action plans

Changes to Community

Topics overlooked or not relevant previously

Public event

Research and consultation

Flowers Piece

Tree maintenance

Playground maintenance

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