AT 7.00 p.m. Present: Councillors T Butcher (Chairman), A Jeffrey, C Butler and F Worth

In attendance: P Thompson (Clerk), District Councillor V Von Celsing and David Slack of        Yattendon Estates

Apologies: Councillors A Dick and R Butler Declaration of

The Clerk confirmed that Councillor Trudi Butcher had advised that she had an interest in the planning application at St Clements Cottage and took no part in the decision taken by the Council. This decision is reported under item 9 of the agenda.

The Minutes of the last ordinary meeting of the Council were approved and signed by the Chairman.

District Councillor’s report:
District Councillor Virginia Von Celsing advised the meeting that, whilst additional funding· of £1.4m had been received from Central Government, this was still not sufficient to avoid making substantial cuts to services in balancing the District Council’s budget for 2016/17.

The Clerk was asked to report a pothole on Y attendon Lane at Ashampstead Common. There were also concerns that the repaired surface on the Aldworth Road near the junction with the Y attendon Lane was breaking up. The Clerk was asked to investigate and report to WBC if necessary.
The Clerk was asked to put an article in The Leaflet regarding litter picking for the Queen’s birthday.

Footpaths and byways:
The Chairman recorded her thanks to Y attendon Estates for replacing the broken gate on footpath 23 and also for clearing fallen trees from the byways and bridleways.

Planning Applications update:
15/01353 Fly fishing facility and underground rifle range at the Shooting School, Tomb Farm. Awaiting decision from WBC.
15/02207 Replace fowl processing building with a larger facility and parking area at Casey Fields Farm. Awaiting decision from WBC.
15/02650 Barn conversion into 4 bedroom dwelling at Pyt House. Awaiting decision from WBC.
15/03462 Demolition of garage and two storey extension at 6 Flowers Piece. “No objections” submitted, approved by WBC.                                                                                       6/00162 Two storey side and one storey rear extension at 17 Flowers Piece. “No objections” submitted, awaiting decision from WBC
16/00115 and 16/00116LBC2 Alterations and extension at St Clements Cottage. “No objections” submitted, awaiting decision from WBC.
16/00102 Two storey extension to front elevation at Farthings. It was agreed that the Council had no objections to this application. The Clerk was asked to submit a letter to WBC confirming this decision, signed by the Chairman.

Trees on Flowers Piece:
Councillor Colin Butler confirmed that WBC had checked the work carried out and were happy with it.
The Clerk advised that Michael Cairns had left the logs for residents to collect but that Michael would clear any not taken. The Chairman agreed to put an article in The Leaflet advising that the logs were available.

WBC consultation:
The Clerk confirmed that he had submitted the agreed responses requesting that the mobile library service should continue and that bus tokens should still be applied to the Handybus services. Acknowledgements to both responses had been received from WBC.

The Clerk presented his financial report and payments schedule to the meeting. He explained that there would be an overspend of £553 for the year to 31 March 2016, assuming that the VAT refund was received by that date. The overspend related entirely to the playground repairs and tree maintenance on Flowers Piece. The Chairman would make ART aware that any further work on the playground in 2016/17 must be met from its funds.
Payments were authorised as follows:

P Thompson                                         £253.20 Net salary for February and March
P Thompson                                         £24.34 Clerk’s expenses
Michael Cairns                                    £2,580.00 Tree surgery
HM Revenue & Customs                   £2.60 PA YE on Clerk’s salary                                                       R  Barker                                                 £15.00 Website costs

It was agreed that no further donations would be made for the year to 31 March 2016.

t was agreed that the Clerk should ask Caroline Billing to undertake the internal audit.

Any other business:
Councillor Zaz Worth advised the meeting that she was resigning from the Council having served for three years. The Chairman, whilst regretting Zaz’s decision, thanked her for the work that she had done during the period. The Clerk was asked to advertise the vacancy, as required, and put an article in The Leaflet.

Date of next meeting:
It was agreed that the next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council will follow the Annual Parish Council meeting which will convene at 7.15 p.m. on Monday 16 May 2016. This will follow the Annual Parish meeting which will convene at 7.00 p.m. on that evening. The Clerk was asked to advertise that meeting in the next edition of The Leaflet.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.32 p.m.