AGENDA -Ordinary meeting of the Parish Council 4/7/16

ASHAMPSTEAD PARISH COUNCIL An ordinary meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Jubilee Hall on Monday 4 July 2016 at 7.00 pm.


  1. Apologies
  2. Declaration of Interests
  3. Minutes of the last Annual and Ordinary Parish Council meeting
  4. Matters arising, not covered in the agenda District Councillor’s report
  5. Police matters:
    AD to report
  6. Footpaths and byways:
    Maintenance review
  7. Roads:
    Maintenance review
  8. Planning applications update:
    15/02207 Replace fowl processing area with a larger facility and car parking at Casey Fields Farm
    15/02650 Barn conversion into 4 bedroom dwelling at Pyt House
    16/00784 Detached cart shed, store and home office at Straight Ash
  9. Flowers Piece Maintenance:
  10. Grass cutting at The Green:
    Review contract requirements
  11. Finance:
    Payment authorisations
    Donation requests
    Audit 2016
    Bank mandate
  12. Any other business (only for discussion)
  13. Parish Council meeting closes
  14. Parishioners’ question time
  15. Meetings Close, next Meeting date