Minutes – Ordinary Meeting for the Parish Council 12/9/16



Present: Councillors T Butcher (Chairman), C Butler and A Keeley

In attendance: P Thompson (Clerk)and David Slack of Yattendon Estate

Apologies: Councillors A Dick, A Jeffrey and R Butler and District Councillor V Von Celsing

Declaration of Interests: None


The Minutes of the last ordinary meeting of the Council were approved and signed by the Chairman. The Chairman adjourned the meeting at this point in order that David Slack could raise the issue of the Ashampstead Commons annual meeting. It had been decided that this annual review would cease due to a lack of support in maintaining the commons. David explained that, whilst the Estate is happy to meet its statutory obligations regarding the public rights of way on the commons and health and safety, the glades and ancient trees will be neglected unless volunteers come forward to carry out clearance and other works. The Clerk was asked to put an article in The Leaflet.

District Councillor’s report:

The Clerk produced a brief report from District Councillor Virginia Von Celsing. This confirmed that the planning application at Straight Ash was to go before a formal committee hearing.

Virginia had also advised that she had attended an A34 action group meeting in West Ilsley. Whilst little was achieved, Virginia hoped that there is now a sufficient impetus for improvements to be made to that terrible road, after the recent fatalities.

Footpaths and byways:

The Clerk advised that a second tree had fallen across footpath 17 near the sewerage plant. He was advised to report it to Alastair Jeffrey and Paul Mather of Yattendon Estate.

The Clerk was also asked to report the excessive growth on byway 33 to WBC in the hope that they will provide volunteers to clear it.

Planning Applications update:

15/02650 Barn conversion into 4 bedroom dwelling at Pyt House. Approved by WBC.

16/00784 Detached cart shed, store and home office at Straight Ash. It was agreed that Councillor Tony Keeley would attend the site visit by WBC and that the Chairman would speak against the application at the WBC Planning Committee meeting on 21 September.

16/01817 and 16/01818/LBC2 Replacement of outbuildings with an extension to the garage and annexe at Noakes Hill Cottage. “No objections” submitted, awaiting decision from WBC.

16/02117 Two storey side extension, replacing single storey part, at 6 Stubbles. “No objections” submitted, subject to some Councillors’ reservations regarding size and possible terracing effect. Awaiting decision from WBC.

It was agreed that “no objections” should be submitted regarding the following applications: 16/01823 Replace garage with workshop/gym and office above at South Cottage, Quicks Green 16/01960 Single storey rear extension at Ashlea, Holly Lane.

Flowers Piece maintenance:

The Chairman confirmed that no maintenance work was to be funded by the Parish Council at the present time. ART has met the cost of repainting the playground equipment, as agreed.


Payments were authorised as follows:

P Thompson £255.53 Clerk’s salary and expenses for August and September

Scofell Landscapes Ltd £588.74 Grass cutting

Mazars LLP £120.00 Audit fee

HM Revenue & Customs £7.20 PAYE on Clerk’s salary for August and September

External audit:

The Clerk advised that the audit had been completed and that the audit report and notice of conclusion and right to inspect the Annual Return for 2016 had been posted onto the website. Copies of the Annual Return and the said notice had also been placed on the notice boards.

Bank Mandate:

The Clerk reported that the Parish Council’s bankers had confirmed receipt of the changes to the mandate and that the new signatories were in place.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.06 p.m.

The next meeting will convene at 7.00 p.m. on Monday 7 November 2016.